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Kharkiv airport to open for photo sessions


Kharkiv International Airport is offering an opportunity to have a photo session on the territory of the air harbor for everyone, informs the Center for Transport Strategies (RU).

hmara_aero_05New Terminal A, VIP terminal, a waiting room with a panoramic view of the platform with the aircraft, as well as an aircraft hangar with small aircrafts, will be offered for those wanting unique photos.

Applications will be accepted no later than five working days before the proposed date of the photo shoot.

56bd8f0f4e726The cost starts from 1000 UAH but will vary depending on the time, number of people participating in the shoot and other optional parameters.

Kharkiv airport is even considering the possibility of opening the site for people to oversee the aircrafts. But there are a number of obstacles. So does airport administration plan to equip a special area for photographing airplanes?

According to the aiport’s press service, such plans were considered: the idea of creating a platform for observing the aircrafts is attractive for passengers, tourists and spotters. It would also contribute to the popularization of the airport.

However, there are no present plans for such a project. The airport’s ground is considered a sensitive site and the current military-political situation contributes to increased security measures.

spottingAt the same time, the airport said the administration of the air harbor will meet the needs of local spotters and often holds spotting meets.

BACKGROUND: Spotting is a hobby of tracking the movement of aircraft, which is often accomplished by photography.

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