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Vodafone significantly expands 3G coverage in the Kharkiv region


Residents of another 23 settlements of the Kharkiv region can take advantage of high-quality 3G, reports Hitechexpert (RU).

On Friday night at the 3G-air it appeared another 23 settlements of Slobozhanshchina. These are district centers Balakleya, Chuguiv, Derhachi, Zmiev, and the following settlements of Kharkiv region:

  • интернетKharkiv region: Lyubotin, Kulinichi, Kotlyary, Korotych, Ri Olenovka and Tsirkuny;
  • Dergachevsky region: Olshany, Cossack Lopan, Peresechnoe, Small Danilovka, Solonitsevka and Cherkasska Lozova;
  • Zmiev district: Genievka, Slobozhanske and Taranovka;
  • Balakleyskiy district: Andreevka and Donets;
  • Chuguyevsky district: Novopokrovka;
  • Zolochiv district: Fesky.

97798Today, 42% of Ukrainians can take advantage of 3G services in the Vodafone network. The company continues to expand its coverage – the second phase of the development of high-speed mobile internet network becomes available in small towns and villages, as well as in strategic locations across the country. By the end of the year more than 50% of Ukrainians will be able to use Vodafone 3G connection.

In addition to high-speed mobile internet, 3G subscribers of Vodafone and MTS Ukraine can enjoy improved voice quality. Vodafone 3G in Ukraine serves not only Internet traffic, but also calls, as it uses all three carrier frequencies for the provision of 3G services.

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