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Plant readies tanks’ release for export


Kharkiv’s Malyshev Plant is close to finalising the release of the Oplot-T tank, it has emerged.

The state enterprise Malyshev Plant, which specializes in the serial production of armored vehicles, said the batch of Oplot-T was close for delivery inspection for a foreign customer.

1383339903_opl_22“The tanks have a very high level of quality, and they will show excellent performance in landfill conditions, in comparison with other contemporary models of tanks,” noted in the company (UK).

1(165)Malyshev Plant has also concluded contracts, and the production of military equipment is scheduled for the months ahead. After one batch will pass through the Commission, the plant will start production of a new batch of Oplot-T which already has buyers. A little more than a month ago Malyshev Plant sent ten Oplot-T to Thailand.

BACKGROUND: The tank is created in Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (Kharkiv), commissioned by the Ministry of Defence. The tank was adopted by Armed Forces of Ukraine in May 2009, the first two tanks are delivered to the Ukrainian army.

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