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300m water slide back next weekend

Photos from city.kharkov.ua

The attraction Water Hill will be back for the second time to Kharkiv and be installed in another location, reports the first deputy mayor of Kharkiv Igor Terekhov (RU).

“The exact location is still to be confirmed, but most likely, a waterslide will be installed on the Teatralny lane (Theater alleyway). The angle there is 8.5 degrees (Klochkovsky slope was only 5 degrees). Thus, the speed will be more”, told Igor Terekhov.

“The slide will open Friday, July 8, evening and will be working at night, and two days more till the late night,” explains the director Water Hill’s Oksana Zhurakovska.

In addition, the fluorescent dye under the neon lights will be used for evening and night programs on the hill.

“And taking into account the name of the alley, I think that those people who come in theatrical costumes, will get a discount on the entrance,” said Oksana Zhurakovska.

BACKGROUND: for the first time, the attraction “Water Hill” worked on 18-19 June on Klochkovsky slope.

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