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1,000 serial offenders found in the Kharkiv region


Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council, Sergey Chernov and deputies of permanent commission on legal matters, regulatory policy, legitimacy, public order, fight against corruption and crime, got acquainted with the possibilities of e-intelligent crime analysis system RICAS, developed by leading IT-specialists of the Kharkiv region, reports the press service of the regional council (RU).

650x480-toheight-100-images_djmediatools_121.jpg.23The system is used in the police departments of Kharkiv and 8 units in the districts of Kharkiv.

Further expansion of the use of the system is constrained by the lack of modern communication links, required number of workstations, server and other equipment. The greatest need in this case is to create a data center for data storage.

650x480-toheight-100-images_djmediatools_128.jpg.6Since the beginning of the experimental testing of the system by using its possibilities police found 1,002 persons involved in serial crimes and crimes with signs of analogies.

650x480-toheight-100-images_djmediatools_126.jpg.18According to Chief of the National Police Department in the Kharkiv region Anatoly Dmitriev, in the framework of the regional program of IT-Kharkiv, police will come out with the initiative of development in the region intellectual capacities of crime analysis system.

BACKGROUND: RICAS (Real-time intelligence crime analytics system – intelligent system of visual criminal analysis). Since September, the new police in a test mode have been actively using this innovative system, the main objective of which is to analyze the crime situation and crime investigation.

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