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Biking 8 countries for Euro-2016

May 29, Oleg Avdeev from Kharkiv went cycling in Uzhgorod-Milan tour. He shared his impressions and photos on his page on Vkontakte.

“It’s the craziest thing I’ve done in my life! I hope that this month will be filled with bright colors and, of course, the favorite team wins!” he written it before going for a trip.

Day 1. On the first day, Oleg took the conquest of Slovakia. There he boarded a train to Prague.


Day 2: Prague (Czech Republic)

“I passed through the city of 30 km. I stopped at all elevations. I saw the top of Prague on all sides!”


Day 3. Plzen (Czech Republic) and beginning of Germany

Rain. The bike broke, found a new trunk.

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Day 4: The Road to Nuremberg (Germany)

“After 10 km of road the mountain began … The weather deteriorated, it was cold and the rain started.”


Days 5-6. Nuremberg-Bocholt  (Germany)

Oleg rested one day in Nuremberg.

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Day 7. Nijmegen (Netherlands)

“The incredibly beautiful part of my route took place near the navigable rivers. Holland surprised by the number of bicycles. Bicycle paths are absolutely everywhere, it would be nice if Kharkiv was the same!”

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Day 8. Nijmegen-Utrecht (Netherlands)

“The love of cycling is a kind of religion or lifestyle. Riding on these roads is very easy. I like the sea…”


Day 9. Amsterdam-Katwijk (Netherlands)

“I’ve been in Amsterdam, there are very beautiful places! Over 2.5 hours (about 50 km), I got to the beach!”


KooEV1HGuek fxK6cZTjNvUDay 10. the Rotterdam-Hague-Ouddorp (Netherlands)

Again beautiful views of the sea and the bay.
The Dutch impressed by their hospitality: I have not had time to place a tent, and a neighbor-elderly woman started a dialogue and brought me a chair, a table, a cold bottle of wine (oh, this was on time!).


112KJzD26tQqKIDay 11. Middelburg- Cadzand-Bad (Netherlands)

That is the area I call “see how cool is here!”. Last year here took place the legendary Tour de France.


Day 12. Bryugge (Belgium) – Lille (France)

Three countries in one day, started with the Netherlands, in Belgium all day and ended up in France)

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Days 13-15. Lille (France)

The opening of the championship. Meeting with Ukrainians. The first game of our team and the defeat to the Germans.

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Follow travelling blog of Oleg Avdeev, where you can read full version of comments on the trip.

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