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National Bank lifts currency limits

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The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has removed some restrictions for the foreign exchange market, informs “Segodnya” (RU).

The NBU’s decision came due to an improvement in the currency market and increasing confidence in the banking system.

The actions include:

  • Since June 9, you can now buy currency or precious metals to the equivalent of 12,000 UAH (6,000 UAH before), the restriction no longer applies to coins made of precious metals;
  • Since June 9, cash withdrawal limits have doubled – now 100,000 UAH from 50,000 UAH, no limits on hryvnia cash;
    Since June 9, the legal entity is obliged to sell 65% of foreign exchange earnings;
  • From June 13, foreign investors can withdraw dividends for 2014-2015 abroad accrued for 2014-2015. But for abroad can be sent only dividends within the total amount not exceeding $1 million, or the equivalent of 10% of the total amount of dividends to be returned abroad.
  • From June 15, exchangers and banks have the right to change the exchange rates several times during the working day; different bank departments may set different rates;
  • From June 15, when the exchange of one foreign currency to another bank may use its own exchange rate, rather than the NBU official exchange rate; Currency conversion is subject not only to group 1, and 2 group of the Classifier of foreign currencies;
  • From June 15 a cashier is obliged to make a copy of the passport only if the amount of exchange currency exceeds 150,000 UAH.

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