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Music Day 2016: Kharkivens to dance in the streets


On June 18, Kharkiv will again join in Music Day.


In Kharkiv will run about 30 open and closed areas, where you can hear musicians, listen to a lecture about the history of music and improvisation, to take part in a musical jam and learn to dance, listen to the acoustics in the Catholic cathedral, admire the sunset from the roof of House of projects, Glavnoe informs (RU).

“Music Day” is a large-scale volunteer project created by Kharkivens for Kharkivens. We want to make a holiday to the city and make as many people as possible could participate in it. The main rule is free music, free space. We invite everyone who loves music join the holiday,” said co-organizer of the festival Alina Khanbabayeva.


830193Street Piano will be located in the Poetry Park, improvised playground – in the Literary Museum, where will also talk about the musicians-futurists and show special sound performance. Learn more about the history of music will be possible in the AVEC gallery. During the day, on the central streets will run music and dance stages, play orchestra, act performers, playground and a relaxation area will be located in the Strelka Park. Clubs and bars invites fans of nightlife.

Simultaneously with the Music Day in Kharkiv will hold Dance Walking Day.

992631According to organizers of the event, gathering of all dancers takes place at a prearranged location.

Each participant should bring a music player or phone with music and headphones. Playlist of Dance Walking for all participants is common, as well as the route. The program includes three routes throughout the day and three playlists.

pMW0bjx25HMAll events are free.

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