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Kharkiv’s millionaire moment!


The Kharkiv region is second only to Kiev for hosting the most millionaires in Ukraine.

The region has 325 millionaires, with 3.5 billion UAH officially declared income last year, Dozor reports (RU).

Deputy head of the regional State Fiscal Service (SFS) Natalia Svetosh said this indicator made Kharkiv second after the capital for most millionaires.

“The bulk of the declarations filed by these citizens is the income received from investment income or real estate sales,” said Svetosh.

The total income for last year was declared by 32,000 people. However, not all citizens are law abiding, said the SFS. Almost 15% of Kharkiv residents have not declared their income.

“We have sent letters to these citizens asking them to come to the tax office. Conscious citizens, who were out of town, who have forgotten come to us. There is an administrative fine for late filing of the declaration ranging from 51 to 136 UAH,” added Svetosh.

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