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Kharkiv sunflowers help produce biofuels


In the Kharkiv region, Nairi is producing biofuels from sunflower husks, highlights agricultural firm owner Arsen Tovmasyan in an interview to Kurkul.com (UK).

Nairi_21Nairi is engaged in crop farming in the fields around the village of Nadezhdovka (Lozovsky district) and has a plant for the production of oil.

Wastes from the processing the owners of agricultural firm used economically – produce fuel pellets from sunflower husks.

Production of fuel pellets has pushed owners to start the greenhouse business. They installed special equipment in the boilers to save on heating.

Arsen_Tovmasjan_Nairi_01-7560“We have a waste-free production. Someone throws away the husks and we heat our greenhouses with it. Today’s high cost of energy, I think, the number of greenhouses in Ukraine will be reduced. Gas is very expensive. But I think time will show the greenhouse, which is heated by biofuels, is very profitable,” said Arsen Tovmasyan.

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