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Ukraine’s first eco-friendly complex launched in Kharkiv


In Bogodukhov district of Kharkiv region on the site of dumps, threatening the city of environmental disaster and where fires frequently occur, a new facility for solid municipal waste (SMW) management appeared, informs the press service of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration (KRSA).

There is installed equipment that allows sorting the garbage and carrying out its recycling. All organic remains compost, using special bacteria. As a result, the waste becomes fertilizer.


Moreover, the eco-friendly complex is equipped with an autonomous heating system, which operates on waste. During the year the landfill will be able to accept and process 65,000-70,000 cubic meters of solid municipal waste.

The complex on SMW management in Bogodukhov became the first in Ukraine, working according to such technology.

“It will be a prototype of the 11 complexes, which will appear in the Kharkiv region in accordance with our environmental strategy. According to the calculations of experts, they will provide the region with modern methods of collecting, processing and recycling of solid waste,” said the chairman of KRSA Igor Rainin.

He stressed the garbage problem needs systematically and comprehensively solving. The future plans – transmission of these complexes to the concession of the companies willing to establish separate collection of waste and purchase of necessary equipment.

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