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Yaroslavsky: No to Metallist, but may create new club


Ex-owner of Kharkiv FC’s Metalist Alexander Yaroslavsky responded to the comments of the club president Sergey Kurchenko who blames Yaroslavsky in the current problems of the Kharkiv club, reports ZN (RU).

“He thought he would wear the scarf of Metalist which I created; sit in the stadium which I built; invite my friends and opponents – and everything will be fine. It doesn’t work that way. Metalist needs 24 hours a day as we did with Markevich, Krasnikov, Volik,” said Yaroslavsky.

Sergey Kurchikov
Sergey Kurchenko, current owner of Metalist

Yaroslavsky said he is ready to return to football, but won’t take Metalist back: “The soul hurts, but the owner said he won’t give the club anyone. He said Metalist will play in the Premier League, will take one of two European titles. But the club doesn’t exist today. Nobody is going to get the club even for 3 cents, even for zero.

“There is a brand Metallist. But there is a need to think about the football. There will be no Metalist, so there will be another club. I’m thinking about it. But I’m not ready to give any promise at the moment.”

ju7I02_bqvgYaroslavsky said he didn’t want to sell Metalist and is not ready to engage in the club independently: “We need to gather with fans, with authorities and honestly discuss who is ready to do something for this, and what assurances.”

BACKGROUND: On June 3 Kharkiv football fans came up with the action to support the club and asked Yaroslavsky to save it.

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