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Organ Hall of Kharkiv Philharmonia will be one of the best in Europe


This forecast was made by a German specialist in the field of architectural acoustics, Wolfgang Ahnert, having checked the work of Kharkiv architects and builders.

Deputy director of the Department of Capital Construction of Kharkiv Regional State Administration (KRSA) Vladimir Norchak, informed the press service of the KRSA informs (RU).

Wolfgang Ahnert
Wolfgang Ahnert

“Wolfgang Ahnert visited our region as part of the German team of the company Alexander Sсhuke, which arrived in Kharkiv on May 20. The team included 8 employees headed by Matthias Sсhuke. They got acquainted with the state of executed works on the organ hall. Ahnert is associated with the best music halls of America, Japan and Europe. They were installed upon his projects,” said Norchak.

According to Norchak, the expert was pleased with what he saw. He predicted the organ hall of the Kharkiv Philharmonia on its acoustics will be one of the best, not only in Ukraine, but in Europe.

BACKGROUND: The construction of the organ hall is implemented upon the project of Kharkiv architects of the company “Mir”, which was carried out jointly with Wolfgang Ahnert. Now the installation of the organ continues. Representatives of the German company “Alexander Schuke” work on it. Specialists plan to finish the job by July 1.

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