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Office of the Kharkiv region in Washington is popular

Deputy Director of the Department of Economics and International Relations of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Alexander Lukashov reports (RU) that more than 60 companies and organizations took advantage of the services by the Office of the Kharkiv region in Washington.

56-Lukoshov-AleksandrAccording to him, businessmen appealed to the Office in order to promote their products in US, the adaptation of business proposals to the US market standards and legal advice.

“The office now functions in a very intensive mode. For example, last week it hosted meetings of leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical Kharkiv products and owners of large dealer networks serving several million customers in the US,” said Alexander Lukashov.

BACKGROUND: The Office of the Kharkiv region is situated in a prestigious neighborhood at the heart of Washington near the White House. Businesses and organizations of Kharkiv region have free access to the business center and support staff.

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