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Electronic registry introduced at Kharkiv hospitals


The results of the pilot project Electronic registry for Kharkiv medical institutions were presented by the head physician, informs the press service of the Kharkiv City Council (RU).

The presentation was held in Kharkiv city polyclinic №8.

As the director of “City Information Center” Alexander Popov said, “e-registry” saves the patient time to get to the doctor, and eliminates the routine procedures of polyclinics staff.

“A person called once, and his data put into the system. When he calls again, the record keeper already has his data, and only writes the problem of patient, and arranges a visit to a particular specialist. It takes 1-2 minutes. Also the website of polyclinic allows making an appointment at the doctor’s on the internet when a person chooses the day and time to arrange a visit,” said Alexander Popov.

22e277c111355f9243c5c4179df77b2aAccording to him, the program allows making data reports, collecting statistics from all medical institutions of the city and has many other functions.

According to the chief doctor of the city polyclinic №8 Elena Chumachenko, “e-registry” allows quickly manage the schedule of doctors’ reception hours on the polyclinic’s site, register and monitor pre-appointments, see patients at the appointed time.

d17108cd7e0ff0dd52a9d98dc3a9a46bAccording to her, in the database of the polyclinic there are already 22,000 patients, that is nearly 35% of the population attached to the clinic. During the project period more than 40% of patients arranged a visit to the doctor via the “e-registry”.

“Thanks to e-registry, the queues to the doctors and the receptionists significantly decreased. We get a lot of positive feedback,” said Elena Chumachenko.

The project is implementing with the support of the Kharkiv mayor Gennady Kernes.

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