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ProZorro wins best procurement system


Ukrainian system of public procurement ProZorro became a symbol of “Victory” in the field of reforms and has managed to save hundreds of millions UAH.

And recently, it won in the literal sense: it was mentioned in the “Public procurement” category of the international competition World Procurement Awards 2016, AIN informs (RU).

Maxim Nefodov said the ProZorro team was awarded in London on May 18. The Ukrainian system managed to leave behind the decision of the Ministry of Justice of the United Kingdom, the Department of Education of Australia, and the Administration of the President of the United States with the procurement service P200 – all these decisions, along with the Ukrainian system, were shortlisted for the contest.

13226747_1037772749604167_5701954225278531019_nEarlier, the Ministry of Economy noted that a possible victory of ProZorro will be the first time when the development of the public sector of Ukraine will receive worldwide recognition.

BACKGROUND: Competition World Procurement Awards – the annual world award in the field of procurement. It is awarded annually in several categories, including “Best service provider of purchases”, “Best Initiative on supply”, “Best Innovations” and others.

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