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Sex art project set for Kharkiv


Twenty participants from several countries are to contribute to a Kharkiv-based project revolving around sex and sexuality.

A Ukrainian-Austrian project Inter Action/Sex Dialogue will launch June 1 in Kharkiv. The participants will create an interactive exhibition of media art for 10 days about sexuality, reports Weloveua (RU).

“This is a very representative theme, because the attitude to it, the ability or inability to speak publicly illustrates the features of not only a person, but also the society in which it exists, its level of conservatism, tolerance and openness,” says project curator Victoria Bavykina.

The project is dedicated to the art of new media, in fact, according to the curators, in Ukraine there is a big gap in this area. “We lack both access to knowledge, special education, and technical capacity, that is why few artists in our country are engaged in media art,” commented Bavykina.

In the creation of the exhibition will participate not only the Austrians and the Ukrainians, but also artists from Italy, Japan, Germany, Lebanon and the US, who will be working in groups.

“I think that in such a multicultural team, each participant will be able to see their own stereotypes and clichés and delete them,” stressed Bavykina.

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