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Court returns deputy’s lawsuit against Kharkiv council


Kharkiv District Administrative Court returned Andrey Lesik suit, in which he challenged the illegal actions of the Kharkiv City Council, in particular, the decision of the session on depriving him of parliamentary powers.

The resolution of this issue is beyond the competence of this court, Status Quo informs (RU).

“It is this fact enabled the members of City Election Commission take a decision on registration of the deputy Yuriy Medvedev as the next candidate on the electoral list of the Kharkiv city organization of the party “Vidrodzhennia”,  reported the press service of the City Hall.

The decision on appointment of Yuriy Medvedev a new deputy of Kharkiv City Council adopted at the session of the Kharkiv City Election Commission on May 18.

Yuriy Medvedev will replace prematurely deprived of parliamentary powers Andrey Lesik in deputy corps.

As explained the Secretary of the Kharkiv City Council Alexander Novak, as Lesik was elected from the party “Vidrodzhennia”, after the early termination of his powers relevant decision of the City Council was sent to the City Election Commission.

“On the basis of Article 90 “On Local Elections” Commission has identified Yuriy Medvedev next on the list from the city organization of the party “Vidrodzhennia”. The decision on his registration was adopted, and at the next session of the City Council commission will inform the deputies about the election of Medvedev. From now he will receive a Member of Parliament,” said Alexander Novak.

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