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Jamala’s victory at Eurovision: How Europe decided

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Jamala has won “Eurovision” finals in Stockholm receiving 534 points with the song “1944” telling the story of her family’s deportation from Crimea in the middle of the last century.

In second place was the favourite of the juries Australia with 511 points, Dami Im‘s Sound Of Silence, and Russia came third with 491 points, You Are The Only One sung by Sergey Lazarev.

imageJamala received 11 of the highest ratings from the jury and won the second largest number of votes of viewers that for a total brought her victory in the competition.

Before the results announcement Jamala stated her victory would mean Europe supports Ukraine at the current situation:

“[If I win] it will mean that modern European people are not indifferent, and are ready to hear about the pain of other people and are ready to sympathise,” Jamala told the Guardian by phone from the Swedish capital.

Jamala with the Crimean Tatars’ flag

Jamala’s song begins: “When strangers are coming, they come to your house, they kill you all, and say, ‘we’re not guilty, not guilty’”.

“Of course it’s about 2014 as well,” she said. “These two years have added so much sadness to my life. Imagine, you’re a creative person, a singer, but you can’t go home for two years. You see your grandfather on Skype who is 90 years old and ill, but you can’t visit him. What am I supposed to do: just sing nice songs and forget about it? Of course I can’t do that.”

The infographic of the European Voting results for Jamala could be found here.

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