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Ukraine increases exports of IT services

Photo from itc.ua

Last year, Ukraine has increased the volume of export of IT-services by 17% – to $2.1 billion, UNN informs, from data of the National Bank of Ukraine.

According to the department’s press service, IT is the only exported service which has constantly grown in recent years.

“Computer Services in 2015 amounted to 79% of total exports. Basically, this is software development outsourcing,” says the statement.

The reason for the rapid development of the IT-sphere is a relative low cost of services by Ukrainian IT specialists.

According to Ukraine Digital News, Ukraine in 2014 has the highest number of IT professionals in Europe, 90,000 people and more than 1,000 companies provide IT services.

At the same time, in Ukraine there is a number of factors limiting the development of the industry: Ukrainian legislation, the weakness of certain sectors of the education system and the low level of English proficiency.

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