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PM calls for ‘stronger police system’

Photo from zp.vgorode.ua

Ukraine needs a strong law enforcement system and effective judiciary, said its Prime Minister Vladymyr Groysman.

His comments came at a ceremony for a graduating class of the Corps of Operatively-Rapid Action special police unit (KORD) who will serve Kharkiv’s regional police, Ukrinform reported.

Groysman  commented: “We face a lot of trials in our time, with external and internal threats.

“Today, Ukraine needs a strong law-enforcement system, an efficient judiciary, everyone has to be convinced that his rights will be protected, and if anyone poses a threat to our sovereignty and the rights of ordinary citizens, that person will be punished. We have plenty of things to accomplish to achieve that goal.”

BACKGROUND: On October 16 twenty officers of new Ukrainian SWAT unit called KORD graduated from the US Advanced Tactical Train the Trainer program. KORD will replace all special forces units that existed in Ukraine before.

This project was started as part of strategic agreement with US  State Department, one of the best instructors of US special forces units were invited.

This program involves State Department Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement, the Drug Enforcement Administration and Border Patrol.

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