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Ukrainian dreams up unusual bike

Photo from www.gogetnews

A Ukrainian woman is among a team that has designed a new bike called Aero.

The team, including a German, a Bulgarian and Ukrainian Maria Koroleva, designed the bike with features including an alternative frame of unusual shape and practical advantages, gogetnews.info reports (RU).

1461765170_ukrainka-pridumala-neobychnyy-nedorogoy-velosipedAt the Vienna University of Applied Arts, while working on the project of wooden curved pieces, the idea to use wood in bike manufacture was born.

As a result, Aero was invented. Maria believes the wood could be more interesting than aluminum and steel.

The bike’s frame can be operated in a shock-absorber role, but it remains solid, its designers said.

The process of creating Aero bike was time-consuming and only true professionals can design it. Therefore, during the presentation, the creators said nothing of mass production.

The Ukrainian hopes her invention will be affordable for many people, although the exact price is not known.

According to Koroleva, each bike will be designed on the basis of the buyer’s wishes, such as choosing the steering wheel, switches, wheels and brakes. The final cost will depend on these issues.


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