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Skydive: Air Festival in Kharkiv

Photo from http://www.aeroclub.net.ua/

An air festival will be organised this weekend by Kharkiv flying club of Grizodubova at the Korotych airfield.

The program will include performances of leading Ukrainian pilots, the national aerobatics team, winners of world championships and European championships, masters of sports of international class.

“Pilots of sports aircrafts Yakovlev Yak-52, Yak-55, Sukhoi Su-31, Extra-300, jet L29 and a rare aircraft Polikarpov Po-2 will please guests with aerobatics followed by smoke and music. The flight program consists of solo performances and freestyle,” said organizers.


It will include double and triple flights and an exhibition of vintage cars from Samohod club.

Everyone could make:

  • tandem parachute jumping for beginners with an instructor from an aircraft AN-28;
  • independent jumping of “wing” type;
  • jumping for certified skydivers athletes to ramp AN-28;
  • Air walks on aircraft HAZ-30, Yak-18T, Yak-52 and An-2, L-29, Po-2;
  • register for a training in parachute and flight schools.

The event starts at 10:00. Entrance fee is 100 UAH. Selling tickets on the spot. Free admission for children under 14 years.

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