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Kernes met the Holy Fire from Jerusalem

Photo from http://kharkov.dozor.ua/

Kharkiv’s Mayor Gennady Kernes met the Holy Fire from Jerusalem that on the eve of the bright holiday of Christ’s Resurrection was brought to the city, the City Hall press service reports (RU).

On April 30, Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes, the deputy mayor Igor Terekhov, other representatives of the city authorities, as well as representatives of the clergy and citizens met the Holy Fire at the airport.

A particle of the Holy Fire was delivered firsty to Kyiv, and then by a charter flight to Kharkiv’s airport. Now the Holy Fire is to be given to the Kharkiv temples.

“To meet the Holy Fire here, at the airport, has already become a tradition for Kharkivens. Mikhail Dobkin and me founded this tradition. There was a lot of people, no policy, all the people are united. I would like to wish Kharkivens God’s grace. I hope, we will hold this year in health and harmony,” said Gennady Kernes.


After that, Kharkiv Mayor visited St. Peter and Paul Church as well as the Holy Protection Temple where he gave a particle of the Holy Fire from Jerusalem.


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