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What does Kharkiv export?

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Regional Department of Statistics (UA) informs that in January-February 2016 export of the Kharkiv region was 137.6 million USD, informs the “Kharkiv.Comments”.

Import revenues of 201,4 million USD increased by 13%. The deficit was 63,9 million USD.

Below you can learn about the foreign trade operations with partners from 112 countries of the world:

Exports of goods:

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 9.05.16 AM

Imports of goods:

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 9.05.39 AM
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In comparison with January-February 2015 exports of goods to the EU countries decreased by 7.7%, imports – increased by 35.4% and for January-February 2016 were 32.2 million USD and 50.9 million USD respectively.

The main export goods are:

• food products (25,2% of total exports of the region)
• machines, equipment and machinery, electrical equipment (22,7%)
• herbal products (13,8%)

In general, the highest import volume fell to the share of:

• Machines, equipment and machinery, electrical equipment (16.4%)
• Food products (14.8%)
• Plastics and articles thereof (14.1%)
• Products of the chemical and related industries (11.4%)

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