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Scientists invited to International Congress

Photo from industryart.ru

April 21, XVI International Scientific Congress “Public administration of the XXI century: forsayting Success” will be held in the Kharkiv Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration attached to the Office of the President of Ukraine.

The purpose of the congress – a combination of research and practice of public administration and local self-government, elaboration of proposals for solving the problems of further improvement institutions of public authority activities.

The Congress will run 5 discussion groups in the following areas:

  1. “Public Administration in Ukraine: today’s challenges of globalization
  2. “Territorial communities in the decentralization of power”
  3. “Economic policy of Ukraine in the conditions of decentralization of power and control”
  4. “IT-sphere of public administration: the design of the future”
  5. “Language Policy in Ukraine: the linguistic foundations of intercultural communication”.

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