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Today Kharkiv will judge Ukrainian intelligentsia


“Coffee shop Poka in Literary Museum” invites to restore an open trial of Ukrainian intelligentsia (the case of the Union for the Liberation of Ukraine), which took place in Kharkiv from March 9 to April 19, 1930 in the premises of the Opera House, informs Status Quo (RU).

Kav___yarnya-Poka“Who should be on the dock that the whole country talks about them? What is a trial – a thorough objective investigation of the circumstances of the crime or theatrical performance? What kind of “the most humane Soviet court” it was and what has changed since then?” – the main questions asked by the organizers of the event.

In the program:

  • Creation of a “screen version” of the judicial drama of the absurd;
  • Casestudy: documentary research;
  • Play episodes of the process on the Union for the Liberation of Ukraine;
  • “Information zombieing”;
  • Crush bar during the intermission;
  • Visit of the scene.

The event will be held today, on April 19 (the beginning – at 18.00), in Literary Museum (Bahaliya Street, 6).

Ticket price: 17 UAH – for student, 22.5 UAH – adult. Registration.

BACKGROUND: The Union for the Liberation of Ukraine was an organization to gain the independence of Ukraine in the early 1920s. As the armed struggle against the Bolshevists approached an end, members of the Ukrainian intelligentsia recognized the need for continued struggle.

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