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National police to change Toyota Prius

Photo from autonews.autoua.net

The National Police of Ukraine is to update its fleet, the head of department Khatia Dekanoidze stated,  Ukrinform reports (UA).

She said the Toyota Prius is not the ideal vehicle for patrol police. “Yes, perhaps, when we get funded, we will buy more appropriate police cars,” added Dekanoidze.

According to her, the National Police is negotiating with Japan concerning new cars but which ones will be purchased, the head of the National Police did not specify.

Commenting on the remark of journalists about frequent accidents of police cars, Dekanoidze stressed patrols operate in mobile teams, round-the-clock, and for this work it is natural cars crash.

“Of course, when it happens in some cases it is the patrols’ fault, but in most cases it is the fault of those who violate a traffic and create a road accident. Patrol cars fall into this situation as they do not stand in vain. If our country had experience with mobile units, this question would not have arisen,” she added.

The Toyota Prius cars were provided by Japan for Ukraine’s patrol service under the Kyoto Protocol.

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