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Pollution emissions decrease in Kharkiv


Emissions of pollutants into the air in Kharkiv has decreased. About this evidenced the data for 2015, which published the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, informs the press service of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration (KRSA).

The total amount of pollutant emissions to the atmosphere in general in Ukraine in 2015 decreased and amounted to 85.3% (2856.6 thousand tons) compared to the 2014 year.

The reduction of emissions from stationary sources of enterprises of Kharkiv region is the biggest in Ukraine – almost 3 times (35.5% of volume of emissions in 2014). And if in 2014 Kharkiv region took 5th place on volume of emissions (150.5 thousand tons), in 2015 – only 11th place (53.4 thousand tons), even less than the volume of emissions of enterprises in Poltava and Cherkasy regions,” informed the director of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of KRSA, Andrey Timchuk.

1265202518_go000107According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the most pollute air in Kharkiv – enterprises on supply of electricity, gas and steam, in particular – Zmievska Thermal Power Plant “Centrenergo”, the branch of “Teploelektrocentral” – “DV oil and gas producer” (the former thermal power station-2) , Shebelinske, Kharkiv and Kupyansk linear production department of main gas pipelines.

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