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Analysis of Kharkiv’s media unveiled

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“Analysis of media-situation in the Southern and Eastern regions of Ukraine (Kharkiv)” is the final analytical product of qualitative and quantitative media monitoring, conducted by the “Institute of Mass Media” and a social survey conducted by “GfK Ukraine” with the support of Ukrainian initiatives to increase confidence (UCBI), funded by the US Agency for international development (USAID).

Results of quantitative analysis of Kharkiv media.

Kharkiv mass media outlets showed quite a low level of published local materials relevant for the society. Only 28% of the content was related to important local topics.

The indicator of socially relevant materials of the national level is 12% from the total number of materials, and this indicator is roughly the same in all types of surveyed mass media outlets.

This way, the share of informational materials that affect the quality of life of local population, is only 40% from the total number of published materials. The remaining 60% are veiled advertisement, re-prints of materials coming from the authorities, and entertainment publications.

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The topic of the conflict in the East of Ukraine is covered in 13% of materials. TV programs have the largest share of programs on this topic, as 28% of materials on TV are dedicated to it, but printed press and online media outlets dedicated to this theme contain only 6% of all their publications.

7% of the content in Kharkiv mass media publications have features of being commissioned and are considered by IMI experts to be hidden advertisement. The smallest share of such materials, 3%, was detected in press, and the largest share of them – in online mass media outlets, 11%, and on TV – 6%.

Results of qualitative analysis of Kharkiv media.

According to the data of IMI survey, the highest level of professional standards was demonstrated by Kharkiv online media outlets – 4.83 points out of maximum 6. Most often, in 43% of cases, the standard violated was the ‘balance of opinions’ requirement. In 37% of cases, journalist publications were violating the standard of completeness of presented facts.

Both TV and printed press showed a quite catastrophic, for such a large oblast, level of professionalism.Newspapers were rated at only 3.43 points out of 6, and TV – 3.98 points out of 6.

In newspapers, 86% of publications are incomplete, and 50% are imbalances, that is, they gravitate to skewed presentation of information. In 42% of news, sources of information are not named, or the sources are unreliable.

Analysis by GfK Ukraine.

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Source: Institute of Mass Information. You can find full analysis here. Also you can check out an analysis of other regions here.

On issues Research Institute on Media, please contact: imi.inform@gmail.com.

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