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Kharkiv vision: “Internet in every village”


Regional program “IT-Kharkiv” is timed from 2016 to 2020 and aims to solve the problem of creating a unified telecommunications network in the Kharkiv region, reports Kharkivdozor (RU).

The draft program was supported by the deputies of the regional council on the session on April 14.


As reported at the session the vice-governor Mikhail Chernyak, at the end of 2015, began to work the utility “Kharkiv regional communication systems”, the main task of which is to provide advanced broadband multiservice transport network based on common protocols that are compatible with Internet protocols.

The program also includes:

– The development of broadband subscriber access using advanced technological solutions, such as fiber-optic lines, passive optical network technology, radio-technical access of ultra-wideband technologies;

– Acceleration of development of telecommunication networks in non-urban areas, using the most effective technologies;

– Accelerated implementation of mobile radio technologies (mobile communication) and use of subscriber radio systems;

– Participation in the creation of a national satellite communications system.

The funding of the development of telecommunications networks will be drawn from local budgets.

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