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Janika Merilo told how do fight corruption


Ukraine is spearheading a new paperless society for her fellow citizens.

Adviser to the Mayor of Lviv, Janika Merilo, spoke of her frustrations at the 3rd International Business Forum in Kharkiv, reports Kharkiv.dozor (RU).

“I stand in a queue to order a certificate; then I wait in line to get a certificate, and thirdly to give it back. It’s the peak of absurdity,” she said.

According to the expert, she is now engaged in the implementation of e-government in Ukraine. “Our goal is to automate everything possible and eliminate the human factor,” emphasized Merilo.

The first fruits of the reform Ukrainians can already feel, according to her.

thumb-article-300x225-ecf0“Now clients of “Privatbank” and “Sberbank” – the first banks that joined the system – can through their Internet banking, order the necessary certificate. A person ordered it online and came to get it, or received via e-mail. That’s all. The corruption disappears if the official disappears. Pay for what? I ordered via the Internet, tomorrow come and receive. This is a real fight against corruption,” noted the expert.

In the future every citizen of Ukraine will have a personal account, where you can control all the “paper” life: see when the period of the passport ends and order a new one, etc.

“Everything that you can contrive I can do via the Internet. That is the goal. Automate all the processes that are possible. Now we even have the project “Electronic elections” or electronic counting protocols. For example, in Estonia, I through the mobile phone can vote. I can be in Ukraine and to take part in the elections in Estonia. For various reasons this is not possible today in Ukraine,” said Merilo.

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