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Kernes came to Marathon with a bruise


Mayor Gennady Kernes came to Kharkiv International Marathon with a noticeable bruise under his right eye. Bruising on the mayor’s face can be clearly seen on the selfie, which made Kharkivens on Saturday’s session with the mayor, as informs Kharkiv.Depo (RU).

The press service of the city administration didn’t answer about the reasons of such state of the mayor.

Kernes also posted on his page on Іnstagram a photo with one of the runners who participated in competitions in Kharkiv on April 9th.

кернес1004Unlike in previous years (Kernes took part in the marathon before being wounded in 2015) the mayor did not participate. Instead it he organized a photo session and photographs with everyone who wanted to.

The awarding ceremony of winners of the marathon and other races took place on the same day at Freedom Square. They all received trophies, certificates and cash prizes.


Among the women, the winner was Ivano-Frankivsk Oksana Ugrinchuk with a time of 2 hours 56 min. 44 sec. Second was Kharkiven Tatyana Rybalchenko with 3:05:04. Third was another runner from Kharkiv, Inna Levengarts who overcame a distance in 3:44:02.

DSC_9167-1183x783-af61-custom-223x156-d9d8Among men, the fastest marathon runner was Rivne’s Sergey Ukrainets, his result – 2:23:0. Second place went to Kharkiven Dmitry Pozhevilov who ran to the finish line for 2:29:06. The bronze medal was received by Artem Poddubny from Artemovsk with the result 2:32:35.

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