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UNDP helps to create jobs

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Kharkiv regional employment center (UA) has contributed to the participation of employers in the UNDP project to create jobs for IDPs. This was reported by Director of the Kharkiv regional employment center Volodymyr Minenko.

Projects of “Rapid response to social and economic problems of the internally displaced persons in Ukraine” and “Economic and social recovery of Donbass” provide partial funding.

According to Minenko, overall budget of the project, implemented on the basis of Kharkiv Machine-Building Plant “FED”, is 513,970 UAH. Contribution by “FED” plant is – 205,630 UAH (40%), UNDP – 308,340 UAH (60%).

Chairman of the Board “FED” Viktor Popov said that in 2015, the plant created 106 jobs, and since the beginning of 2016 – 23 workplaces.

The employment center has added: “4 companies to create 75 jobs (65 permanent and 10 temporary) in the Kharkiv region. In general, UNDP contribution is nearly 2.5 million UAH.

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