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Startup Factory planned for Kharkiv


Today, (April 7) at the Kharkiv Palace Hotel, there will be a signing of a memorandum on the establishment of a business incubator Startup Factory Nure on the basis of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KNURE), reports Kharkiv Dozor (RU).

The signing will take place as part of the Third International Business Forum “Ukraine 2016: Challenges and Opportunities”.

The memorandum will be signed by five countries: Ukraine, the USA, Australia, Estonia and Poland). Signers: Eduard Rubin, acting rector of KNURE. Nick Piazza, CEO of SP Advisors. Vladimir Beck, chairman of the EBA IT-committee. Yuriy Sapronov, president of Superior Golf & Spa Resort. Yuriy Kostoglodov, managing partner of the investment bank ICOM Capital. Valery Dema, vice president of investment company SigmaBleyzer. Alexander Soroka, head of the investment platform for the participants of venture market Startup Network. Andrey Dubetsky expert in Fin Tech. Bogdan Adamowicz, CEO of Progress Holding.

thumb-article-300x225-3885“StartUP Factory” is a business incubator, where students, entrepreneurs with the support of mentors and trainers gain the skills, knowledge and experience, enable and transform innovative ideas into a working project, obtain the necessary skills and experience in team working and additional qualification.

The objectives of the business incubator:

  1. Create a tool that allows Kharkiv students, focused on entrepreneurship, to obtain additional skills, experience, knowledge and the ability to create projects.
  2. Encourage the formation of new leaders.
  3. Change view of the learning process, to create a new format for the self-development of students.
  4. Create opportunities for the realization of the investment potential of the University and the city in the sphere of HITECH.
  5. Implement the commercial part of the project, organizing a selection of high-quality projects and their commercialization.

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