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Immigrant smugglers caught in Kharkiv


An illegal immigrant smuggling ring involving Ukrainians, Indians and Pakistanis has been smashed by Kharkiv border guards.

The State Border Guard Service said it believed it had exposed an illegal channel of people across the state border into Europe.

The Service said the transfer of migrants was carried out by citizens of Ukraine and Pakistan who, by prior agreement with other residents in the Kharkiv region, have organized and led criminal actions.

“The group of illegal migrants with allies was detained yesterday near Southern Railway station. Two citizens of India together with our compatriot and a citizen of Pakistan were just sitting in a car.

“In this car, the organizers had planned to bring illegal immigrants to the western borders of the country with the aim of their crossing to Western Europe,” added the border guards.

Indian citizens were detained for violating the state border of Ukraine. The case of the organizers of the illegal migration will be investigated by the police. For such a crime, suspects face up to 9 years’ prison.

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