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Ukrainians created a fashionable pendant which converts voice notes to text

Photo from http://ain.ua/

A Ukrainian start-up team presented a pendant SenStone that converts voice notes to text without pulling out a phone at Kyiv Fashion Week, ain.ua (RU) reported. 

SenStone takes notes in a single click and converts them to text, sorts for patterns and themes (blog, notes from conferences, etc.).

The pendant has 2.9 mm in diameter and weighs 26 g, recognizes 7 languages ​​and holds a battery charge for up to three days. It is able to remember 30 minutes of dictation with 97% accuracy of decoding. The fashionable technology recognizes the owner’s voice. Also, you give various commands, for example, write an email or make a blog entry. Such opportunities SenStone stated on the website.


The accessory can be worn as a pendant, brooch or bracelet.

The idea belongs to Nazar Fedorchuk, who previously worked in the US Department of Justice.

“SenStone is as a simple button for forgetful people (like me). The idea was to write down ideas quickly, conveniently, without using a phone,” said Nazar in his Facebook (UA).

While a pendant is on an early prototype stage. In the next few months the team intends to finalize the prototype and run crowd funding campaign to launch the serial production. The SenStone’s sales will arrive no earlier than the end of 2016 – beginning of 2017. Pre-order can be issued on the website right now.

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