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Kharkiv police crashed 28 official cars

Photo from kh.depo.ua

Within 7 months, 28 road accidents involving official patrol cars occurred.

This was reported by the Head of Kharkiv patrol police Olga Yuskevich for the media group “Objective”.

According to Yuskevich, in six cases, the causers of the accident were police officers. Guilty patrols were fined 340 UAH. In addition, they received warnings to be entered on a personal matter.

“Every day 90-95 police cars go on patrolling. Taking into account 1,170 people who work in the service, the number of road accidents is very little,” told Yuskevich.

Damaged cars after restoration will continue to patrol the streets.


In addition, Olga Yuskevich said that since the beginning of 2016, 30 inspectors, have left the patrol police for personal reasons. Most of them did not like the schedule.

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