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When can Kharkivens buy the new iPhone SE?

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Apple unveiled a new iPhone SE with 4-inch screen on March 21 during the presentation in Cupertino. Its official sales in some countries starts on March 31 and in the neighboring countries of Ukraine smart phones will appear in stores in early April, ain.ua reported.

According to Victor Sholoshenko, director of marketing for the network of gadgets and accessories “Citrus”, the price of iPhone SE will start from 14 000 – 15 000 UAH and it will be available in Ukraine in April-May.

The iPhone official distributor could not offer the date of the official smart phone shipments to the country.

While most shops do not undertake to name the official price and date of the start of sales in Ukraine, the phone is already available at dealers. They buy it at the European Apple Store.

However, according to Sholoshenko, iPhone SE will not be in great demand in Ukraine.

“Apple’s new product is focused on China. The figures show that more than 90% of smart phones sold in Ukraine have a diagonal more than 4.5 inches. Of course, there are people in Ukraine who love small smart phones, but it will definitely be a niche product. With a price of 15,000 UAH they rather choose iPhone 6,” Victor stated.

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