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Finnish delegation visited the city to discuss its security

Photo from www.notum.info

The chairman of KRSA Igor Rainin met with the delegation of Finland headed by the Minister of Internal Affairs Petteri Orpo on March 30, the press service (RU) of the National Police of the region reported.

The delegation consisted of the Ambassador of Finland to Ukraine Juha Virtanen, Director General of the Police Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Finland Kauko Aaltomaa, and advisors

56fbc4a5550b4“This is my first visit to Ukraine and it begins with the Kharkiv region,” said Orpo during the meeting.

The main issue was to discuss the socio-political situation and measures taken to ensure safety in the Kharkiv region

The members of the Finish delegation noted that the interest in the Kharkov region is caused by the active work of the regional authorities towards the development of international relations. Rainin emphasized the necessity to deepen economic cooperation between the countries.

“Our first demand is you to carry to the Finnish business the next position: Kharkiv should be viewed not only through the prism of the military conflict, but through the prism of peaceful development,” said the KRSA chairman. He also asked this year Finland to participate in the organization of vacation and rehabilitation of ATO soldiers’ children.

Representatives from Finland supported these suggestions. The parties have agreed to hold another international meeting to discuss the details of further cooperation.

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