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New project “School of Deputies” launched in the city


Project organizers assure: “Kharkiv project “School of Deputies” – is boundless opportunities for dialogue with the Ukrainian-level experts: long-term experience in the field of politics, the possibility for self-realization and career growth,” reported Urbo (RU).


The course includes basic political education. The project participants will learn and pass all stages from the average citizen to the deputy: legal fundamentals; political technologies; work with public image; political strategies; communication with voters; protection of personal votes.

The trainings of the “School of Deputies” aim to ensure participants could gain the necessary knowledge about the urban economy, land relations, legal rules, regulating the life of local communities.

In the final of the project each participant will receive a certificate and winners – diplomas and opportunities of internship and job placement.

inform3“School of Deputies” was created on the initiative of deputy of City Council, the head of the faction of a political party “Nash Kray” (RU) Andrey Kolos.

This is a unique platform for Kharkiv to create projects of city significance, to develop new ideas and solutions of pressing issues by activists, leaders of public organizations and the existing deputies.

As the website of the organizers said (UKR): “Due to the large number of registrations and a limited number of places we had to close registration.

“But if you want to become a member of our upcoming events, receive from us useful information and to know about the events of the “School of Deputies”, you can fill out the form.”

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