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Taxi services in Kharkiv up by 22.5%


Due to a price increase, some customers refused to use a taxi. There are also problems of illegal taxi drivers, tax evasion, poor quality of service, informed “Chas Peak” (RU).

The Chairman of the Kharkiv regional branch of the trade union of taxi drivers of Ukraine Sergey Startsev said that demand high-quality services and vehicles at the current prices is physically impossible.

“If the taxi drivers do not work on economy class cars, they are guaranteed to operate at a loss. At the price of 4 USD/km above the minimum mileage, Ukraine is in the second lowest place of the world,” said Startsev.

He also stressed that in the city there are almost no legal taxi. And if for legal taxi dispatcher assigns a price, then illegal taxi driver assigns it by himself, and it is higher than that of legitimate drivers.

“We are fighting that everyone to be in equal conditions and pay taxes. If do not maintain a balance, the market can come to a stop,” Startsev noticed.

As “Informbureau” (RU) reported, according to experts, the price of a taxi in Kharkiv understated taking into account expenses on services.

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