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Kharkiv: New structure on the European integration of Ukraine created


The new structure which will deal with the integration of Ukraine in the European market, was created in Kharkiv and presented on March 25 at “IDP Business Space” (RU), the KRSA press service (UKR) reported.

KALED (Kharkiv Agency for Local Economic Development) will help the authorities and the local community to realize the economic potential of the region.


“The project has several target audiences. This is a business: we are ready to help to write business plans, and we have the experience to attract investors to finance the projects.

“We have experts who help to explore the market. Next target audience – local authorities: the last three years we study the program of promoting and development of entrepreneurship,” said president of the Association of Private Employers Alexander Chumak.

As for the prospects of output to the European market, according to the deputy executive director of the International Fund “Renaissance” Taras Kachka, the topical question remains standardization of production processes.

thumb-article-300x225-2da8“Many Ukrainian companies are already working according to European standards. Although these plants have been working in the times of Soviet Union,” said Taras Kachka.

According to him, the EU for Ukraine is first of all a partner.

“We don’t need the EU to prove to the Europeans, Americans and the world that we can produce a high quality product. The EU is not so much important as the market, but as a partner who says that our products of high quality,” concluded Taras Kachka.

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