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Kharkiv plans to introduce domestic energy-efficient technologies


The Office of Fuel and Energy Complex (FEC) of Kharkiv Regional State Administration (KRSA) took an interest in scientific developments of the Podgorny Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems.

The Head of FEC Management Alexey Belotskiy familiarized with the projects developed in the Institute.

“Today we are faced with the task of implementing energy-efficient and energy-saving technologies. Kharkiv region effectively cooperates in this area with foreign partners. But Kharkiv has powerful enough scientific basis to develop its own technologies,” said Alexey Belotskiy.


During his visit to the institute the head of FEC familiarized with the equipment and stand test in the laboratory of microwave plasma, composite fuel, hydrogen energy and the use of modern varieties of biofuels towards the diversification of energy resources.

One of the most promising fields of the Institute is hydropower. They develop projects of accumulating micro and mini hydro systems that at minimum cost can provide energy to individual objects – from agricultural enterprises to small villages.

Also, in the institute are working on modern fuels from waste products. In addition, they have experience in the field of efficient product of natural resources in the oil and gas industry, which will allow, for example, to increase the gas output of the existing wells on the territory of the region.

“The Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems has great potential in the field of energy efficiency, interesting projects. We will study in detail the prospects for future cooperation and we will use all opportunities for the development and implementation of domestic energy-saving technologies,” noticed Alexey Belotskiy.

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