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Kharkiv physicists discovered new form of hydrogen

Photo from facepla.net

Scientists from Kharkiv created a new three-dimensional carbon-based material which can become a revolution in the world of hydrogen cars and future of electronics, one of the world’s most prestigious journals in physics, Physical Review Letters, reported.

Phot from liga.net
Phot from liga.net

The discovery was made by Nina Kraynyukova, a scientist of Physic-Technical Institute of Low Temperatures and Evgeniy Zubarev from the Physic-Technical Faculty of the Khariv Politechnique Institute.

They have discovered and tested a new modification of carbon fiber and called it “carbon honeycomb”. These cells can store large amounts of gas and liquid in its three-dimensional structure. They can be used as a lightweight, energy-efficient fuel storage.

The Ukranian technology could become a key solution for the hydrogen transport industry in hydrogen storage as present day fuel storage is expensive and often unsafe.

There is also another area of ​​application for the discovery – microelectronics.

“If you fill in the “carbon honeycomb” with various metals and non-metals, the range of electric and magnetic properties will be very broad. It can completely change the look and capabilities of mobile devices,” says Kraynyukova. But she said it was too early to talk about a rapid commercial application, adding: “We have only made first step.”

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