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Public transport carried 99.2 million passengers

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In January-February 2016, 99.2 million passengers used public transport services across the Kharkiv region.

According to  “Kharkiv. Comments”, it was announced by the Regional Statistics Department.

It is 98.9% from the corresponding period of last year.

In particular, Southern Railway transported 9.7 million passengers – 1.3% more than last year.

Automobile transport services (including transportation by individual businessmen) took advantage of 18 million passengers (86.8% of the volume of January-February of last year).

Kharkiv underground transported 31.4 million passengers, including free – 3.7 million (98.6% and 58.1% respectively of the traffic volumes in January and February of 2015).

Trams and trolleybuses city transported 40.1 million passengers, which is 5.3% more than in January-February 2015. Of these, grace contingent – 62.8%.

Diagram were created at infogr.am
Diagram were created at infogr.am

Kharkiv airport sent 29.2 thousand passengers, including international traffic – 19.1 thousand, which made up 152.9% and 154% of the volume of last year.

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