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Kharkiv auto racer heads for the European Championships


Kharkiv auto racer Ksenia Nicks will take part in the FIA European Touring Car Cup – 2016 this April, reported the press service of the city council.

According to his coach Nikolai Chmykh, Nicks signed a year-long contract with the German team Gena Autosport. The team found a sponsor in Italy and provided the car Ford Fiesta for him.

8bf3d8d1e24cb8855fd9bd87eba4014aAs Chmykh noted, the Championship will be in six stages, four of which will coincide with the World Championship. The competitions will be held in France, Slovakia, Germany, Portugal and Italy.

Nicks last took part in this series in 2014.

According to Ksenia, she has already tested a new car in Germany. For trainings in Kharkiv, she used a special stimulant that can model any track.

“The championship will feature some fairly serious contenders and we know it will be a difficult competition,” emphasized Nicks.

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