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Exhibition of paintings by Georgiy Deliev to be held in Kharkiv


Georgiy Deliev’s exhibition of paintings will be opened on March 23 at 16:00 in the Kharkiv gallery “Kostyurinsky provulok”.

His name – itself promoted brand. Deliev works long and fruitful in different kinds of art and, primarily known as an actor, producer and art director of Theatre “Masky Show” (RU), a musician.


However, a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of the Odessa Civil Engineering Institute has always had a love of painting and for more than ten years exhilarate his fans with exhibitions of his own works.

In the exposition of the Kharkiv gallery “Kostyurinsky provulok” will be presented about sixty works. Most of the paintings created in the last three years. But besides them there are his earlier works which give a retrospective view of exhibition, and the audience can get acquainted with different styles of artist Deliev. He works in the genre of portraiture, landscape and thematic compositions.

The exhibition is called “Harley of our time”.

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