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Nadia Savchenko trial: Russian court gives a verdict

Photo from joinfo.ua

On March 21, in the Russian city Donetsk a Russian judge has begun reading the verdict of Ukrainian pilot and deputy Nadia Savchenko who was accused of killing two journalists in “the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR)”, KP in Ukraine (RU) reports.

The judge is reading out the verdict.
The judge is reading out the verdict.

Prosecutors argued that she was driven by “political hatred” and ordered the mortar fire that killed the journalists in eastern Ukraine, and called for a 23-year prison sentence for Savchenko.

It was initially thought the judge had found her guilty, but journalists say a final verdict has not been delivered.

The judge, Leonid Stepanenko, told a courtroom that “Savchenko had deliberately inflicted death on two persons, acting by prior conspiracy, and on the motives of hatred and enmity.”

He added that Savchenko has crossed the Russian border illegally.

Savchenko was sitting when the verdict read out (by the Russian law the verdict is listened to standing up). Others stand up.

Vera Savchenko, the accused’s sister, was at the first row. She was dressed in a white jacket with a black trident.

At the moment in front of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation Kharkivens are holding a rally in support of Nadia Savchenko, IT sector (UA) reports. The meeting brought together about two hundred law enforcement officers and a little more protesters.

Photo from https://www.rbc.ua/
Photo from https://www.rbc.ua/

Recalling that on March 9 the Kharkiv activists announced an indefinite rally in support of Savchenko. Every day, they come to the Russian consulate with banners and letters to Nadia.

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