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The development of Kharkiv enterprise will go into space


In November PJSC “FED” has won the tender of Thales Group international company on supply of heat-exchanging units for the French telecommunication satellite. “FED” developed unit together with (KAI) Kharkiv Aviation Institute’s scientists.

When operated systems of the satellite its elements are heated and cooled. The heat-exchanger unit accumulates energy that is transmitted to other systems at the right time.

“This device has no sources that would consume energy. Any external source of energy is extra weight. The smaller mass of the satellite, the cheaper its placing into orbit. Second thing – this is a fundamentally new approach to the creation of the construction eliminating any moving elements. We can say that our heat-exchanger is more monolithic – it has no rotational elements or devices that might go wrong,” said chief designer of the company Sergey Shankin.

At the moment, “FED” is completing preliminary design of heat-exchanger which, according to the contract, must be presented to the customer in the first quarter of 2016.

“Production of the heat-exchanger is not only obtainment of a commercial advantage but the creation of the public image of the Ukrainian company, capable to produce high-tech products for the EU market. This is an example of cluster work. We have put together the achievements of our institute science, in this case, “KAI” with high-tech possibilities of our production. We competed with companies from the USA, Germany, France, have passed rather difficult selection and audit, verification. Using the traditional formula for participation in the tender “price- terms-quality” ​​- we won” said chairman of the company “FED” Victor Popov.

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